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How would you like the money a href httpwwwlukelabcomgraphs buy escitalopram onlinea Bern wasn8217t Rees a freshman then Give him a break man As I recall it Kelly took the heat for that saying that he called the pass into the end zone when the Irish were in reasonable field goal range I always thought that wasn8217t true which told me two things First that Kelly was a standup guy who would protect his players when necessary and that that boded well for the future Second it told me that Kelly had enough confidence in the ability of a true freshman to read the situation at the line of scrimmage that he gave Rees the ability to check into that play which of course was a mistake given the overall game situation when he saw that he had Floyd in a oneonone It cost the Irish a game they should have won but it should give us a bit of hope for this fall Kelly has made his living which now includes a sevenfigure annual salary making those kind of judgments and he has a proven track record that he knows what he is doing I8217m going with him on TR8217s ability man not yours and EAPoe8217s

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